Monday, 8 April 2019

Sneak Preview of the Basis of the Cover to THE WEDDING DRUMS

Hi All

Keeping you up to date with progress so far.

Well, it appears that the interior of the book is ready to go, thanks to Sarah of Goldcrest Books. But the book cover is yet to be finalised. I am being a little fussy here, because I would like you, my readers and customers to have a book in your hands that you want to pick up, read, tell your friends about, and KEEP! Yes, keep. Because the book cover will be based on an original painting of mine which I did when I was age 13, similar to the age of Amina and Sumati, main and leading characters in The Wedding Drums.

I am hoping that you will not want to give your copy of the book away, but keep it as part of a collection of similar novels, which I intend to use other paintings of mine. Apart from the story, the cover represents part of the unique nature of these novels.

Hope you don't have to wait too long now for the publication of The Wedding Drums.

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