Wednesday, 21 April 2010


21st April 2010

Because of the poor living conditions and little access to medical care, healthcare was an issue. The most vulnerable were children and babies, even at birth.

Rajnath and Latchmin did not escape this. But how did they cope? 

Is it easier to cope with death if there is more of it around? If others are also suffering from loss? Is it easier to come to terms with it? Is life as precious when life expectancy is low? Or is it easier to dispense with it? Do poor people suffer the same as the rich? Some of the answers might seem obvious in writing, but do we give it a thought in real life?

God of the Cocoa illustrates how the Kamalsingh family coped, and didn't cope, how they reacted, how it affected each one of them, how they carried on, and what remained with them.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


20th April 2010

Two edits done. Now putting all changes into computer. Finding it not as easy as it seems. Finding myself re-reading a lot of it, so time consuming and doing another edit, a third one. Trying to find more words to cut which is not easy without cutting out possibly important bits. A lot of concentrating.

Oh well! It's still all progress.

27th April 2010

I'm getting distracted with too much in my diary. Went to Hereford today to meet new writerly friends. Beautiful day for a long drive.

About the EDITING!
I think I'm getting a handle on it, although advice from others has been to ...

leave it for a few weeks to a six months!

I'm plodding on though with it anyway. I'm too impatient. I'll do this third edit then I'll leave it.

Had some wonderful news today. Will see an old school friend from thousands of miles away, soon.

Better get on.

5th May 2010

Took a little break from the third edit, which is putting the first two edits into the computer, but reading it through to make sure it all makes sense. That was driving me nuts!

Took a break to write submission letter and synopsis, etc

Back to MS. Found that Chapter Nine - Tara's Fate Sealed, is in need of cutting badly. Much of it is really surplus to requirements, and I could do with losing some words.

I am rewriting Chapter 9, and really enjoying it. Haven't really written for some time, so loving it.

This twittering business is really taking up time. But I have been engaged in a number of very useful and interesting discussions on Linkedin.

Bye 4 now!

Sunday, 11 April 2010


11.April 2010

Trying to think of the ending for my next novel. If I know Where it ends, I can wade through the bushes to work out How it ends.

12. April 2010

Knowing the outcome can be key to figuring out where to begin...but not always

15th April 2010

The Last Chapter ... has to be as important as the first, if not more. It has to stop asking questions and make sure that all questions posed are answered. This makes a complicated plot tricky, because you don't want to spoil the intrigue and blurt it all out in one go.

Final pieces of the plot must unfold, and twists must be revealed in the right order.

I am also trying to keep a decent pace, not too slow, but not break neck speed.... tricky!

Also, should ALL the questions be answered? Does the reader appreciate being left in mid air? To answer the question on their own ...whatever they think? More than one ending?

I have such an issue with God of the Cocoa.

18th April 2010

The second edit is finished, at last! Next I have to put all the changes into the computer. I have added a new beginning, so it is now 411 pgs. But not sure about the new beginning. I have to think about it, maybe get used to it.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

FOOD - 10th April 2010


Makes 4 portions

6 ozs brown or white basmati rice
1pint water
1tsp tumeric
half tsp onion salt
1 tsp parsley
Kallo chicken or vegetable stock cube
2tblsp olive oil
two handfuls frozen peas (optional)
1 med grated carrot (optional)

Use a heavy/iron frying pan with a lid.
Heat pan and add oil. Add rice dry (do not wash)
Stir rice till opaque. Do not let it go brown or stick to pan.
Add water
Add all other ingredients and stir
When it comes to the boil, cover and lower heat very low to simmer.
Remove lid after about 15 mins and check that it is simmering, and adjust heat if needed
Stir and cook for about 30mins in all
Remove lid and stir.
If water has not been absorbed but rice is cooked, leave open and let rice dry out a little.
If rice is not cooked but no water left, add some boiling water and cover for another few minutes till cooked

Thursday, 8 April 2010

8th April 2010

Got distracted by the day. Such a lovely day today...

but ...back to the editing ...Tara is becoming her own young fifteen...

standing up for herself...

decided she won't get railroaded into something that will change her life forever, and make her into somebody else's slave.

She has decided.

And it looks like she is set to stick to her guns...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

7th April 2010

Editing The Match Meeting chapter

Trying hard to shorten this chapter, as it goes on too long about Tara's thoughts and feelings. Not enough action going on... Trying to work out how important this prose is. Came across some amusing bits though, which breaks up the seriousness of the intention for an arranged marriage.

Came across a hole in my plot! Must move a whole chunk to somewhere else. Must go!