QUESTIONS RAISED IN god of the cocoa

The purpose of these questions is to set your mind thinking about some of the questions and issues raised in the novel. These are just a few, and I will add to them as time goes on.

If you wish me to add any more information, or as a question, please post a comment.

1. Was the couple too young to be married? If so, what problems did it cause?

Rajanth the groom is seventeen, and Latchmin the bride is twelve.
It is 1919 and they are Hindus.
The marriage is arranged.
They are living on an island that is British.

2. Why were traditions so important to Latchmin's grandmother, Bassandaye?

3. Are traditions a mark of who we are, or should they be reviewed objectively and discarded?

4. Can we identify with Rajnath in his feelings about Latchmin after the death of their child? Or was he unreasonable?

5. Was Rajnath a hard working man, or just obsessed?

6. At times, there seems to be a clash between wanting tradition in favour of education. How could that be, if they understand the importance of education?

7. Inevitably, Latchmin becomes a young mother. How do you think she would cope given the era, the culture and her environment?