Thursday, 8 July 2010

8th July 2010

Hi All

Another hot, dry day. It's been warm and dry for weeks it seems. It feels like a Mediteranean holiday. I have done little writing in the last week, as I have been rushing around getting ready for the Romantic Novelists Association Conference in London tomorrow, Friday to Sunday. And then two weeks holiday.

I'm looking forward to the Conference... the holiday too. But being with other writers would be good for me. I am hoping to return with lots of fresh new ideas and spark....but then I go off on holiday for two weeks. I will write something then... notebook and pen jobby. I hardly ever switch off from ideas for new plots in my head.

Will be in touch when I return.

Marilyn xx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

4th July 2010

On Beginning to Write ....

If I say to someone that I am writing a novel. They say...'Oh I wouldn't know where to start.' Starting is easy. It is also the most important part. If you don't start you haven't a chance.

Start writing with the first sentence.


The first sentence is a very good place to start.

Without the first sentence, you can't write the second sentence, or the third, and so on ...

All it has to be, is what comes into your head. If you don't like it later, well, you can always change it. By then you will have a feel for what you want to write anyway.

The First Sentence, could be :

- Anything. Absolutely anything.
The dogs were barking and I couldn't get up to go to the window.

- Something someone is saying...dialogue.
'We need to get this Carnival float finished by next week,' Alister said.

- Something someone is doing
 Penny ran towards the road as though she would never stop. 

- Description of the place - smell, sound, sight, taste, feel.
The evening was dim, and the smell of the salt in the ocean hung on to every remaining beam of light that fell inside the pink painted veranda of the small wooden house, that stood solitary, overlooking the rugged drop of the cliff  to the sand beneath.  

- Something shocking - part of the plot
As Jeffery unlocked the door of the room where the children slept, he heard the swish of curtains, a rush of wind into the room, and a thump inside his chest.

- A sense of place or time
It was August thirteenth, midday, and there we were, standing on the Spanish Steps, in Rome, again. 

It really doesn't matter. You can always change it ... anytime. Even right at the end.

The first sentence could be short, medium or long. Whatever you feel like.

The important thing is, if you ever thought you wanted to write. Just start. Then continue doing some every day if you can.

Best of luck

Bye for now

Marilyn x

Friday, 2 July 2010

2nd July 2010

Dear All

I've just spent two days at the Indo Caribbean Conference at the University of Warwick. It has been an extremely stimulating experience, where I have learnt so much about the variety of elements of Indian life in Trinidad. The religion, festivals, music, film, the history of these, and aspects of them in modern life, and their role, were of particular interest. It was good to have these creative elements of life included in the Conference, as well as the academic and historical studies. Although I really enjoy the academic bits more.... it is a saves me researching it myself, the creative bits give me that other dimention useful in depicting life in fiction as more three dimentional, and real.

Importantly, however, I have met some really interesting people, some good people to keep in touch with, and some very friendly fellow Trinidadians and other people from all parts - Guyana, Mauritius, Toronto, California, London, Leeds, New York, India, Germany, and those based at Warwick Uni.

The team at Warwick University were brilliant with the organisation too. Everything ran on time, the refreshments were excellent, and of course they were most hospitable.

Well., I am tired out! So I will continue this another day.

Bye for now

Marilyn x