Spiritual Thoughts

This page is in no way related to the novel. They are my separate thoughts.

Too often is the idea of God, confused with the idea of religion. God didn't create religion, humans did. In our journey of life, if we find that we are at a point where we must reject religion, that is okay, but that does not mean that we should reject God too. Our planet is too beautiful for that. We can plant trees, but we can't make them grow. I'll say no more.

When forgiving seems impossible, it is the only thing to do.


18th October 2012

I've neglected this page in favour of other things for the last year! I shouldn't have. God is an important being in my life. And I realise that every day. 

Yesterday I met with a small group of women who also regard God in a very similar way to myself, and we share the same core religious beliefs. We spent many hours reading, chatting, eating and drinking ...even drinking champaign in celebration of a 70th birthday. It was a lovely way to spend the day. 

We started off by reading a chapter of a very interesting book called - 

All one in Christ Jesus, by Averil and Ian McHaffie. It is a very enlightening book for Christians and religions who are male dominated. It gives reasons why it can be a nonsense to indulge so wholeheartedly in a practices that were cultural to the ancient Christians at the time of Paul. It certainly needs thinking about, because it points out how damaging it can be for women on a personal level, as well as within the religious society, to bar them from any public speaking, reading, or praying. 

I began to wonder what causes change to occur within a religious movement, where faith and belief are intertwined? If women are not allowed to speak, and men are too afraid to upset the applecart, who will instigate change? Books like these and other writings might be bringing the horse to water, but who will make it drink? 

Something to think about, and certainly pray about. But it also needs some serious discussions. 

Marilyn x

13th October 2011

FORGIVENESS - is probably the hardest thing we can do when someone has done something that upsets us greatly. However, we can achieve it with prayer, and the thought that we too are human, and make mistakes. We too, are capable of hurting others, and need their forgiveness. 

Marilyn x

15th April

If we keep our mind free from the clutter of negativity, the heart will respond more positively.


20th April 2010

It's amazing what is important to some. When you look at it, it really is nothing important at all. But people make it their business to take on unimportant things, daily humdrum things, and make them important when they have nothing else to busy themselves with. The really important things that should be dealt with, take a back seat, become invisible, and forgotten. People use up their energy, their being, their spirit, their thoughts and activities on things that are of no consequence. It's a wonder these people don't melt away. One day they might well do.

14th May 2010

It really doesn't matter what others think of us, if we believe that there is a God, that is who we are trying to please.
It isn't possible to always please both.

Faith in God is important to our self concept.

13th June 2010

Faith in a higher being gives us depth. Without it, human beings are quite two dimentional in comparison.

Really, what do we have to lose if we believe in God? Does it take something away from us to believe in the first instance, that we really don't know how it all got there? How we came to be?

Our first disappointment in God, comes when we assume that he should just do what we want him to do...

20th June 2010


God gave us fathers so that we can have some balance in our upbringing.

God gave us fathers, so that our mother doesn't always have her way...

God gave us fathers because they need us too.

God gave us fathers because they need to learn to stay and not walk away