Friday, 2 July 2010

2nd July 2010

Dear All

I've just spent two days at the Indo Caribbean Conference at the University of Warwick. It has been an extremely stimulating experience, where I have learnt so much about the variety of elements of Indian life in Trinidad. The religion, festivals, music, film, the history of these, and aspects of them in modern life, and their role, were of particular interest. It was good to have these creative elements of life included in the Conference, as well as the academic and historical studies. Although I really enjoy the academic bits more.... it is a saves me researching it myself, the creative bits give me that other dimention useful in depicting life in fiction as more three dimentional, and real.

Importantly, however, I have met some really interesting people, some good people to keep in touch with, and some very friendly fellow Trinidadians and other people from all parts - Guyana, Mauritius, Toronto, California, London, Leeds, New York, India, Germany, and those based at Warwick Uni.

The team at Warwick University were brilliant with the organisation too. Everything ran on time, the refreshments were excellent, and of course they were most hospitable.

Well., I am tired out! So I will continue this another day.

Bye for now

Marilyn x

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