Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Second Book on Authonomy

I have put a few chapters of the second book on to the Authonomy site for a while.

DEEP IN THE COCOA, is the second of the Cocoa Trilogy.

Twelve year old Tara is one of the main characters. She is exploited by her parents who keep her at home to do housework, while her sisters go to school. But her grandmother, Bassandaye does not agree with this and encourages Tara to return to school. When this fails, Bassandaye comes up with a plan. But the first Tara's hears of this plan, is when Bassandaye has already arranged for her to visit the match boy's family. Yes! Tara's grandmother has reverted to Indian tradition and found her a match. But Tara is horrified. Her dilemma now, is either to accept this match, or return to school. Both choices are causing Tara problems. She is uncomfortable with school, as well as the prospect of an early marriage.

Take a look at it and post me a comment.

Marilyn x

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