Thursday, 7 June 2012


So much of the Western World is certain that there is no God. Their evidence? That God is no where to be seen. But that is just the same as their belief that God cannot be seen. That too is invisible....there is no evidence that there is no God.

But those who believe that a higher, stronger being is present, do it through faith and evidence that cannot be seen by those unable to see.

We all need to recharge our batteries, strengthen our spirits, and connect with THAT being who none of us can see. I will call that being God. Others might call it/him something else.

Over the Jubilee weekend, my family and I spent it amongst over three hundred people who all have some belief that there is a God. That experience is strengthening. It provided food for the spirit. It is the fuel that drives and keeps us able to cope on a daily basis. But more importantly, it gives us the strength and ability to cope with negativity around us and in the world. It gives us the edge. Or more of a wide ledge where we are safe from the precipice where others slip and fall. Where our adversaries tumble.

Spiritual food helps us to approach our creator, and ask for guidance and wisdom to deal with those who persecute us. Spiritual food translates into both physical and emotional strength.

Spiritual food gives us hope.

Hope is how we survive.

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