Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fallen from a Great Height - Rise or Die.

Well what would you expect when life turns round and bites?
You bite back of course! Why not? The first infantile reaction,
the instinct to retaliate, the pain of watching her win
and take what is rightfully yours! Yes, mine, you say.
In your childish way. All is mine. And that is what the split will do.

But all around you see examples of those who fought
and lost. Fought fair, fought weak, fought foolish.
Then those who fought with all their might to win
whatever the cost to lives, and hearts, and minds.
Instinct takes over when the brain fails to put its best foot forward.
Money buys a very small mind. But you had that anyway to start.

Get the lawyers! She says. I'm the lawyer! You say.
I will litigate! I will castigate! Hell, I will fumigate
until you weep, you say. Until she weeps. Until he weeps.
Until they all weep and get no sleep, because with my little feet,  
I will creep into all the crevices of their breaths of all I can hurt,
You scream and scream in your dungeon of darkness.

At night you cry yourself to sleep. You wake with itch and scratch
resolute to make them squirm like the worm you feel in your pain.
You rub your arms to feel the skin, the life remained, and
scratch the spot the mosquito got. Your blood! My blood!
You rise again. Swear to get her, get theirs. Anyone in reach.
But your pain still worsens with all the effort of adversary.

And there you go! You continue in tracks of failure.
You fall from the great height you placed yourself and find
the ground is hard. But rising to your feet even harder
in all the mess you managed to create. The mire slips 
and from there you reach for internet - the need to communicate.
For people. But how? With a brain as big as mine, you say. I know,
I will lie, you say. That's sure to reach and breach and teach them.
And you do. I will destroy whomever I can, you think.

Advise yourself. A fools paradise is where you sit.
In slime and lies and crime. So deep the muck
you cannot smell your own breath that pervades your own space
and that of others. Wasting time with destructive devices will
will never succeed in superseding the efforts of constructive creations.
Waste your effort at your peril my friend. If you must.

Advise yourself! Less you remain the worthless piece
you created in yourself. Rise up and think. Job did not lose his mind
with all his life destroyed about him. Yourself is not the worst
you have lost, but the possession of hearts of those you love.
Blind is not a fault of the mind. But you make it so
with your impaired mental vision. Severely so, with your split.
Rise up or die.Wash yourself. Your mind. Make amends.
Scratch you head and think.
Take pride in your persona.
Else you might never
regain respect.
Divorce is but a snap in time.

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