Sunday, 13 October 2013


I've always been a creative person. These days I write fiction, but I also paint from time to time in oils. I've designed various lines of luxury lingerie for Sapphire Design House, and run my own business.

I've taught Marketing and Business Studies at colleges, and for many years, have felt an affinity and empathy for people who try to start up and run their own business. I do realise that they need all the help they could get, so I intend to help the few I know in some small way, because they deserve it for all the hard work they put in.

I will be interviewing all sorts of creative people in the next few months.

Later this week, I will be interviewing Belinda Sidell, of Belle - The Cake Company, who makes absolutely fabulous, decorative special occasion cakes of all descriptions, in scrumptious flavours and designs.

Below is a preview -  one of the cakes she made, depicting aspects of the Birthday Girl's life. That was me.

Photo: 3 tiers of gorgeous moist ginger cake, covered in some memorable models of the birthday girls life.

So, keep watch later this week for an interview with Belle - The Cake Company, where she will be telling you some of the secrets of her success so far...

See you later this week!


  1. Sounds terrific, Marilyn. I shall look forward to reading your blogs. Love the cake! Presume this was for your recent birthday because of the six-o on top of the cake!

  2. Hi Anne, I was rather hoping you wouldn't spot that, but you did. Belle is a fantastic cake maker. Her cakes are very, very scrumptious too... it isn't just the looks, it is the taste too. So looking forward to her being a guest on my blog. Later ...

  3. Wow, that's some cake! I'll look forward to hearing/reading about your interview with Belle.

  4. Hi Alison, Isn't Belle clever? Watch out for the next post. There will be some pictures of her other creations. A very clever girl!