Saturday, 2 January 2016


The date makes no difference, but it can. New Year Resolutions help us think about where we need to refocus our lives.

For me, I realise I need to keep up with my blog more often. So I am sorry to all my visitors from various parts of the world. You amaze me though. Thank You! I intend to do better this year.

Like all other years, I have many intentions to do better this year than last year, where I am concerned. But at the end of each year I realise that all I have done towards my goals is possibly the opposite, or just the same as the previous year. So either I am doing something very wrong, or I am doing what I do best. On balance, I think I put other people's needs before mine. Not through choice always, but though habit. I realise though, that that in itself is also a choice!

This year my family have had many positives, and that means for me, it has been a very good year. The few negative things also need acknowledgment and assistance in making changes wherever possible. But in the end, we must do what is do-able. Not everyone can be helped. Not everything can be done. We must bear that in mind, and turn to what is achievable.

So far as my blog is concerned, I did put it on hold for a few months the end of last year. But that will change!

HAPPY 2016!

I intend to post more of what appears to be popular - My recipes in particular. According to the stats, the Christmas ones have had the most viewings. I do have a few new Christmas recipes but I won't put up those yet. But I do have a very nice Vegetarian Stuffing recipe which is an excellent one for winter and maybe I will start with that one first.

I have had a request from my future son-in-law, who "would like to spend some time with me in the kitchen" (quite a charmer, and lovely young man), who has requested help to cook casseroles, and cooking with less fat or oil. So various low fat casseroles will feature during the next few months, which are both healthy and very tasty, as I do have a healthy set of Trinidad tastebuds, even though these are not strictly authentic Trinidadian recipes - they are mine.

So my next blog post will be Parsnip and Chestnut Roast/Stuffing, which will do as a very nice main meal for vegetarians, or a wonderful accompaniment for roast chicken, turkey, or pork.

Keep a look out for the new 2016 posts, and I will look out for any questions you might have.


Marilyn x

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