Saturday, 23 March 2019

Hi Everyone

Apologies for my absence.


The publishing process is quite time consuming as you can imagine. Reading through every word, every sentence, every paragraph, and chapter to the end, is only part of it. It seems to demand my attention again and again through the process, and at every stage. However, each time I re read it, I have enjoyed it immensely, and get lost in the story and the plight of the characters. I get anxious to see what they do next, end up in tears, or burst out laughing. Yes, I sometimes forget what is coming, because I become as engrossed in it as a first time reader!

Just to keep you up to date with the process -

I have been told that formatting is almost done, just a few tweaks left to do.

The book cover is the exciting part right now, and in the process of being created. I believe that covers are also important to the book and the reader. Some you want to pick up, others, you're not that keen on. I cannot wait to see the final version of the cover of THE WEDDING DRUMS. I am hoping that it will be based on the one I chose in the first place, which is an original oil painting of mine which I did as an early teen, at 13 years old. When you purchase the paperback, you will have a print of the original as yours to keep. Hopefully, the next one in the series will also utilise another original oil painting of mine, so you will have a collection of my paintings with the novels.

I will keep in touch and let you know when it becomes available is on Amazon. It should be a matter of a few weeks now.

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Feel free to post comments and questions, and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

See you soon!

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