Saturday, 14 August 2010


Firstly, it is important to begin with confidence. Remember NO ONE knows that you are writing, or what you are writing about. Best to keep it that way until you want to tell or enlist someone for research purposes.

Reason? Many will say something to put you off....without meaning to. People are really good at that ... call it jealousy, control, ignorance, or dontknowhowtokeepthegobshut sort of people. Even people who you should be able to trust. Remember most people know nothing about creative writing.

Secondly, when word gets out, and people make comment that you are not comfortable with, just smile and ignore it/them. Thank them even. At this stage, it can be ever so easy for people to discourage you...knock you off your perch. 

Thirdly, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, nor did Shakespeare write his works in a day. It's hard to write, live in the world, and keep it a secret too .... it's as if you are doing SS assignments, and having to hurry up with it as well. But you have to allow for this. It WILL take time.

Fourthly, NO writing is wasted. Most good tutors and writers will tell you this, but there are a few who will say otherwise. Take no notice. I heard someone saying that if you do not finish a piece of work/book/story, to the end, you are setting yourself up for failure. I do not believe it. It depends on the work, though.

If you are struggling with that novel or story, or realise that it is heading no where, or you are putting all your energies into another piece of work, then you are doing the right thing by abandoning it, at least for the time being.

I repeat, no writing is wasted. If you have to cut out pieces because it doesn't fit into that project, book or story, cut it out and keep it. You might want to used it elsewhere.

Lastly, keep writing. write every day. It's the only way to keep your hand in, as it were, and your mind focussed. Just keep writing.

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