Monday, 30 August 2010

Fourth Edit

I am calling this last edit the fourth edit, because mostly, I am hoping it is the last! Certainly it was the worst, and most horrendous and harrowing of all the edits so far. I did a green inked one, and a red inked one on the printout. This latest edit is the third and fourth put together. Re-reading almost 125,000 words on screen and trying to make corrections from the previous two paper edits, as well as trying to cut 5,000 words, was not easy to do in one go. So I am pleased to have finished. But I had to almost tie myself down to the chair for 3 days in order to complete it! I am disappointed however, that I did not manage to cut the whole 5,000. But I did manage to cut almost half of that... which is an achievement.

Now I am suffering from some kind of blankspaceinthebrain, and I am unable to think through a plot for a short story I would like to write. Maybe I need a rest. But I am anxious to get on. Also, after that spell on editing God of the Cocoa, I am about to re-start Out of the Cocoa... which is not very far gone really, because I have been distracted ... writing related mainly. But with other things related to home, family, summer hols, and other things like the Indo Caribbean Conference, as well as the RNA Conference.

I must leave my manuscript God of the Cocoa, for a few weeks at least, then do a last edit for any last changes, typos, etc.

Tomorrow is another day. I will make an effort to sit in front a computer, blank or not, and try to write. I will not allow the dreaded writers block to take hold.

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