Sunday, 14 November 2010

Romantic Novelists Association (RNA) Chapter Meeting, Birmingham

Barbara, Frances, Nancy, Annie, Sally and Anne. On Library  steps before lunch.
This Saturday was our RNA Birmingham Chapter Meeting. We are a small group and most of us try to attend although we come from various counties - Warwickshire, Worcestershire, West Midlands, Herefordshire,  Shropshire, and now Derbyshire. This meeting was the last one of the year, the one before Christmas, and most us managed to attend. We were joined by one new member which was lovely. We have one male member, Peter, who was missed at this meeting. He is our only male member, and really does add some balance to our chats on any topic, whether it is Dialogue, Romantic theme, or Character trait.

We usually meet on the steps of the Birmingham Library at 12 midday and proceed across to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for lunch, which usually lasts just over 2 hours. We had such a fine time chatting away this Saturday, so much so, that most of us left at 3pm!

After our lunch at the BMAG
This Saturday, I took over as Chapter Liaison person, from Frances, who has done a remarkable job for many years. Although I have been a member for most of the last seven years, I am not sure exactly what this role entails, but I am hoping to find out. I also hope that I will not do too bad a job. I know this sounds negative, but if I do, I hope someone will tell me about it.

Happy writing to all writers!

Bye for now

Marilyn xx


  1. Great post, Marilyn. I am sure you will do an excellent job as Chapter Liaison.

    See you at the next meeting!

    Jane x

  2. It was good to all get together on Saturday. Many thanks to Frances for her work as Chapter Liaison and best wishes to you, Marilyn as you take over the role.