Tuesday, 28 December 2010


28th December

My imagination is poor....which is a difficult for writing fiction...and more difficult to admit to it in my blog. Sounds an impossible situation! Mainly, it is poor, if I am to just create a world out of nothing, nowhere I'd ever been, seen or heard of, with people or beings, doing things I have never thought of or heard of. I suppose I could probably force a little imagination, but not enough for a whole book.

I find though, that I am better if I can start from a place, person or situation, that I do know, have heard of or have become interested in. What I have found, is that once I have begun writing, imagination becomes alive. And   the most curious thing can happen, when a character that I have created, takes over, and begins to do things or say things, that were not in my plot or in my head.

It is like being taken over by aliens, because it is a feeling of losing control...not always in a bad way, but in a magical way. I let it happen, and continue to write, led by the voice of the character. When I am finished, I will re-read it, and decide whether to cut it, or parts of it, or keep it. But this is not always easy, because I always wonder if the voice of the character should be kept instead of my own voice, which could sound stilted and unnatural in comparison.

I am writing the prequel of Deep in the Cocoa, which is the second of the Cocoa Trilogy, and I have found that throughout, my imagination has certainly been sparked on many occasions, from the humdrum of reality of the historical elements in the story... although not all the historical elements are humdrum. Some of it is horrific, some of it scary, some of it quite unpleasant. Too much is the latter. And I have had to use my imagination to create the pleasant from the horror.

This Christmas morning, my son asked his girlfriend of 7 years to marry him. It was a long awaited event...especially by the girlfriend. But it is because he wanted everything perfect. The perfect ring, and the perfect timing, when she was not expecting it. I think it got the desired result. Of that I am sure. Now, because I have a poor imagination, I am thinking, that this could be the perfect launchpad for me to write a romantic novel. In fact, it could be the perfect romance. But I am still struggling to write romance. Every time I begin, my hero or heroine goes off and does something that I cannot get them out of easily. But I will not let it deter me. I will continue to try. Whether the engagement will be the beginning or the end of the novel, I don't know. But I won't let it go to waste.

As it is said, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I ought to take advantage of this opportunity...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Best Wishes
Marilyn xx

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