Friday, 14 January 2011

Don't be Afraid

I recently took part in a Forum on Authonomy about the Existence of God. Although I shouldn't be surprised, most people on the forum didn't believe in God, in any form. Nor did they believe in the Bible. That is fine. But what I found, was that they all stemmed from a basis of ignorance. I mean, they didn't know, but they argued as though they did know.

It is amazing how many do not believe in a God, because of the suffering of innocent people in the world, especially children. They think that God should intervene. Always. And some were using scriptural verses very much out of context, as if everything anywhere in the bible could be directed to any or us at any time.

It is also amazing that unbelievers believe that when good things happen, such as their children escape serious illness, or they escaped some accident, they attribute it to themselves, as good and able parents. However, if they fail, they attribute the failure and the bad things to God. They say, "If he was a good God he would allow evil to happen."

So many of us are unaware of God's promises to us in the Bible, and what he expects of us in order to inherit these things. What is more disheartening, is that so many are not interested. And so many confuse religion with the Bible.

However, I suspect, that there are many who do believe, but are not willing to stand up and speak out. I think that people should not be afraid to stand up and say that they do believe in God ... whether they can prove it or not. No one asks unbelievers to prove it. In fact, when they do try and prove it, it is as if it is a process of elimination ... as ridiculous as ..."well bad things happen, if there was a God, and he was a good God, he would not allow bad thing so happen. Therefore there can't be a God." As easy as that, the godless disprove God's existence.

But what we fail to ask is: 

What if there is a God, and he has already given us so much, why then would he continually intervene? 

Would we be able to find the answers we have found if he did? In science, in archaeology, in anything at all?

Because if he continually intervened, and wrecked any of the processes that even we put in place, we would never discover anything, how anything works, and everything would be topsy turvy. And it isn't. 

Think about it. Never stop thinking. Life is no accident.

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