Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day 2012

I have spent today cooking up some fishy treats for my family, and thinking about this auspicious day of the year. Working out how to arrange my thoughts, what I should focus on, and decide on how I should spend my time this year, is no small matter. How to deal with the things that niggle me? How to use my time more effectively, and just focus on things in a positive way, and achieve outcomes, is really what occupies my mind.

I hate wasting time.

I cannot stand indulging in the negative. Or be amongst people who are.

Mostly, here are the things I will focus on this year:

1. Finishing writing The Jeweller's Daughter - 1/3 to go! About 30,000 words - 100pgs

2. Editing it - about 4 times, and finding an Agent.

3. Start writing Short Stories to send out to competitions.

4. Devoting some time to Red Balloon Charity, but making sure it doesn't overtake my main objective of getting the book finished and published.

5. Make sure I devote time to each member of the family, according to what they need from me. That includes those of my family unit who do not live with me.

6. Try to deal with every person fairly, calmly, and with respect, in the hope that they will reciprocate.

7. Continue running the Book Group even though sometimes it seems like we choose books that waste my time. The people don't. They are valuable to me as friends.

8. Nurture all good friendships.

9. Think carefully about nurturing those who depend on me, and are not yet independent.

10. Concentrate on my spiritual beliefs, and never fear to voice what I think is right, at the right time,


  1. Hi Marilyn - you've got some good, deep resolutions here especially those about devoting time to & nurturing your family. It's so easy to take for granted the people that we see everyday - or spend our time nagging or moaning to them. Maybe taking more care of my family is a resolution I should have made too! Best wishes.

  2. Happy New Year to you Sally. I find resolutions daunting, and opt mostly for ones I know are more possible. Hope all is well. Take care
    Marilyn x