Monday, 16 January 2012

Voicing an opinion ....on Racism

Racism will show its ugly face, which grows monstrously until it towers like a giant triffid....IF WE LET IT....

Sometimes it is difficult and daunting to voice an opinion. Waiting for the right time is the key. There is nothing worse that a person who has a passionate belief, but takes the first opportunity to bombard others with it, even though it might be completely misguided, out of context, out of topic, and to the wrong people.

The fear of losing what is "rightfully ours", can lead to an overwhelming insecurity, that can overflow into any conversation at any time. Especially if we are overly passionate and are of the type of personality that must get things off our chest.

The topic of racism is one to watch... and so, I think that we should be watchful.  What is at the tip of the tongue will inevitably fall out of an open mouth, if a person doesn't apply safeguards, thorough thought and carefully chosen words when entering a discussion where race and nationality is concerned. The defence - "but I'm not racist, because I have a black friend" is just that. A defence meaning that we have adopted that one black person into our group. Use it as part of our defence, but let it not be everything. We should love all. Love thy neighbour as thyself. At least let our minds believe that we were all made equal.

Some say that racism is in all of us. I think not. I also think that it could be bred out of us and our offspring, by example. Rehearse before spouting. Think carefully. Racism is about the superiority of one race over another. But race is something we were born to. We did not earn it ourselves. How can we feel we can rightfully own, claim, or possess any other person, place or thing that rightfully belongs to the universe?

We born.

We die.

We take nothing out.

When racism is directed at a person, it can be shocking and hit to the core of one's identity and being.

Recently I have experienced such an outburst on a writer's forum, from someone who believes that Britain belongs to the indigenous population since the Ice Age. Words fail me. To discuss the matter with such a person is futile. To take defence fuels the fire. There is no winning.

....The ignorant spouts what is rightfully hers, what is theirs, and soon all her cards are exposed. It is clear she is racist, and was waiting in the wings to pounce upon a conversation concerning the care which writers should take not to upset the reader by using loose racial slurs, even in historical fiction. When my opponent on the forum exposes her true thoughts, the evidence is there, written in black and white.

But *black and white* in race is what causes the division.

Aren't we all maybe just shades of grey?


  1. Wholeheartedly agree with you, Marilyn. As the mother of a mixed race child, I am aware of the problems she has had and felt suitably guilty for causing her the problems. (Wouldn't be without her, though!) And the problems I had in the United States in 1962 when I was going out with her biological father. Nuff said, I think

  2. Sometimes in life we look back with regret. Things we should have done,things we should have said, in defence of our children. But with wisdom and hindsight, we must move forward and try to correct and make amends where possible. Even if it is to show her that society only seems to change a wrong, when there is enough opposition.