Thursday, 21 March 2013


Just a few thoughts on a subject that is very dear to the hearts of some, but for others, it is the worst word in the universe.

Religion = Controversy. Because man wants to control others, what they think, how they live, and punish them according to their own beliefs.

This mentality is forgetting that we were made with free will, and responsible for our own beliefs.

Religion is important to people who recognise that spirituality is part of the pie-chart of their life.

For those who see red when they hear the word religion, it is important to seperate the word religion from the word God. Both do not necesarily go hand in hand.

Religion is what man has created.

Man is what God has created.

God did not inadverteltly create religion though, because if he did, there would be One religion, not hundreds and thousands. He sent one Son for our redemption, not thousands.

God created man. It could have taken a day, or a million years. Argue about it if you must, but you will never know unless you or I, are fortunate enough to meet with him and ask.

Every religion has a link to some kind of god. There must be a reason for that.

Most people have a link to some religion, there must also be a reason for that.

What are your thoughts? Post me comment.

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