Saturday, 10 April 2010

FOOD - 10th April 2010


Makes 4 portions

6 ozs brown or white basmati rice
1pint water
1tsp tumeric
half tsp onion salt
1 tsp parsley
Kallo chicken or vegetable stock cube
2tblsp olive oil
two handfuls frozen peas (optional)
1 med grated carrot (optional)

Use a heavy/iron frying pan with a lid.
Heat pan and add oil. Add rice dry (do not wash)
Stir rice till opaque. Do not let it go brown or stick to pan.
Add water
Add all other ingredients and stir
When it comes to the boil, cover and lower heat very low to simmer.
Remove lid after about 15 mins and check that it is simmering, and adjust heat if needed
Stir and cook for about 30mins in all
Remove lid and stir.
If water has not been absorbed but rice is cooked, leave open and let rice dry out a little.
If rice is not cooked but no water left, add some boiling water and cover for another few minutes till cooked

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  1. I have Chapter 31, the last chapter to edit. I feel almost scared to read it through... so left you a tasty recipe instead.