Tuesday, 20 April 2010


20th April 2010

Two edits done. Now putting all changes into computer. Finding it not as easy as it seems. Finding myself re-reading a lot of it, so time consuming and doing another edit, a third one. Trying to find more words to cut which is not easy without cutting out possibly important bits. A lot of concentrating.

Oh well! It's still all progress.

27th April 2010

I'm getting distracted with too much in my diary. Went to Hereford today to meet new writerly friends. Beautiful day for a long drive.

About the EDITING!
I think I'm getting a handle on it, although advice from others has been to ...

leave it for a few weeks to a six months!

I'm plodding on though with it anyway. I'm too impatient. I'll do this third edit then I'll leave it.

Had some wonderful news today. Will see an old school friend from thousands of miles away, soon.

Better get on.

5th May 2010

Took a little break from the third edit, which is putting the first two edits into the computer, but reading it through to make sure it all makes sense. That was driving me nuts!

Took a break to write submission letter and synopsis, etc

Back to MS. Found that Chapter Nine - Tara's Fate Sealed, is in need of cutting badly. Much of it is really surplus to requirements, and I could do with losing some words.

I am rewriting Chapter 9, and really enjoying it. Haven't really written for some time, so loving it.

This twittering business is really taking up time. But I have been engaged in a number of very useful and interesting discussions on Linkedin.

Bye 4 now!

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