Sunday, 11 April 2010


11.April 2010

Trying to think of the ending for my next novel. If I know Where it ends, I can wade through the bushes to work out How it ends.

12. April 2010

Knowing the outcome can be key to figuring out where to begin...but not always

15th April 2010

The Last Chapter ... has to be as important as the first, if not more. It has to stop asking questions and make sure that all questions posed are answered. This makes a complicated plot tricky, because you don't want to spoil the intrigue and blurt it all out in one go.

Final pieces of the plot must unfold, and twists must be revealed in the right order.

I am also trying to keep a decent pace, not too slow, but not break neck speed.... tricky!

Also, should ALL the questions be answered? Does the reader appreciate being left in mid air? To answer the question on their own ...whatever they think? More than one ending?

I have such an issue with God of the Cocoa.

18th April 2010

The second edit is finished, at last! Next I have to put all the changes into the computer. I have added a new beginning, so it is now 411 pgs. But not sure about the new beginning. I have to think about it, maybe get used to it.

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